The strength of the community was evident Saturday. People were literally lifting each other up to show their support for two first responders who have dedicated their lives to helping others.

It takes strength to get through this workout: 15 reps of kettlebell swings, then 15 burpees and a partner carry. 
“They carry us as citizens. They carry us, they protect us,” said KC Martin, a lieutenant with Rio Rancho Police.
Saturday, it was a workout to support two local firefighters likely facing their toughest battle yet.

“And now we’re carrying them,” Martin said. He also owns the new CrossFit Rio Rancho.

He says whether it’s officers or firefighters in need, lifting each other up during hard times is just what they do. 

“In all reality, we are a brotherhood and we need each other just as much as the other party needs us,” Martin explained. 

Danny Arana, a firefighter at Rio Rancho Fire Station One needs a heart transplant. 

David Rettinger with Albuquerque Fire Station 5 is battling cancer. 

“I’m friends with Dave and it broke my heart to hear exactly what was happening, what he’s going through,” firefighter Robert Arrieta said. 

Supporters on Saturday pushed through the burpees and kettlebell swings and lifted their partners for the local heroes, whose medical-related expenses are mounting.  

The proceeds from the workout are going to the families. 

“It’s nice to know that we got a good community,” said Brian Dolan with the Rio Rancho Fire Department. “We know that if something were to happen to us or anyone in our family, we’ve got other families that would have our back also.”

The community showed strength in numbers and jumped at the chance to help.

“It’s amazing. It’s what you expect and what you want if something happens to you or someone you love that the community will come together like they do,” Arriera said. 

Arana is a father of six. Rettinger has three little boys.