A piece of New Mexico history dating back to the early 1900s will be getting a new home.

A bell that was on a World War II battleship will be unveiled at a new spot on UNM’s campus.

The bell sat on the USS New Mexico, a Navy battleship in service from 1918 until 1946 and during World War II.

The ship was held at an auction to be scrapped in 1946, but the two bells that sat on it were saved, including one that was brought to New Mexico in 1945.

While it was housed at the top of Smith Plaza for decades, it now sits in a wooden box outside Zimmerman Library where it will be unveiled as part of a rededication ceremony.

Thursday’s ceremony takes place at the same time the 2018 Navy Week program takes place in Albuquerque.

Members of the Navy have been at the State Fair and visiting the children’s hospital, as well as schools and businesses.

They say their goal is to bring awareness to the Navy in places that may be unfamiliar with this branch of the military.

“Why we chose New Mexico is because there’s way more of an Air Force and Army presence here in Albuquerque. So people don’t have the chance to interact with Navy personnel on a large scale,” said Lt. Samuel Smith.

The ceremony will take place at 11:30 at Zimmerman Library.

In attendance will be Rear-Adm. Bipes, members of the USS New Mexico in addition to the Navy Band Northwest.

The Navy Band will also be performing at the Hispano Chamber of Commerce later Thursday.

Both Navy members and the band will be back at the State Fair on Friday.

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