A new ‘Cat Cafe’ in Albuquerque is hoping to give animal lovers a new place to hang out while helping the city solve a serious problem.

“To work in a shelter would be a little stressful because I’d want to take them all home. So, this is the perfect thing because I know they’re happy here and they’ll find good homes,” said Sandy Dierks, owner of Catopia Cat Cafe.

The new cafe opened about a week ago at the intersection of Paseo Del Norte and Wyoming. Dierks says they’re already getting a lot of visitors.

“We must have a lot of animal lovers here because we’ve just had a lot of really positive responses,” said Dierks.

Right now, there 13 cats at the cafe. All of the cats come from either the City of Albuquerque’s Animal Welfare Department or rescue group Desert Paws. Dierks hopes the people who come to play with them will either adopt them themselves or make them more adoptable.

“Having people around them will help socialize them and make them more adoptable,” said Dierks.

Visitors at the store on Wednesday are excited to see a place like this in Albuquerque.

“Oh, I was so excited. I just had to come here as soon as possible,” said Melissa Madrigal.

“Whoever came up with this idea, it was a really great idea,” said Kendra Smith.

This upcoming weekend, the cafe is having their first “yoga with cats” event. 

For more information on the cafe, click here.