The problem-plagued ART buses are headed out of town.

One by one, the K11 electric buses filed out of a parking lot Wednesday morning.

Earlier this month, Mayor Keller announced he was pulling the plug on the buses citing several issues including battery charging issues, malfunctioning brakes, and doors flying open on their own.

BYD is threatening to sue the city, claiming Mayor Keller slandered them.

In a statement, the company said the city has damaged BYD’s reputation.

The company says it will also hire a third party to inspect the buses to show the city’s claims are inaccurate.

In a video provided by the City of Albuquerque, a test is performed where a 118-pound brake drum is placed on the bus’ bridge plate, designed for wheelchair entry.

The plate is not supposed to fold out when there is weight on it in order to prevent a person or wheelchair from being tossed out into the street. The video shows the plate folding in and out, flipping the entire drum. Later in the video, the bridge plate is seen crushing a shoe, showing the bridge plate does not stop as it’s supposed to when an object is in its way.

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