ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Developers on the Winrock Town Center project are preparing to build a tall new hotel and getting closer toward building the long-promised public park.

Meeting with city officials on the Albuquerque Development Review Board (DRB) Wednesday, project architects presented plans for a Marriott hotel to be built on the northeast corner of the old mall site.

“This is an intended five-story hotel branded as a Marriott,” said Angela Williamson, president of Albuquerque-based Modulus Architects, which is representing the hotel.

According to plans submitted with the city of Albuquerque, the planned Marriott Fairfield Hotel will be around 75 feet tall and have 149 rooms. Plans haven’t been finalized with the city yet, but indicate the hotel will be built between an existing Dillard’s building and the newer Chuze Fitness gym, which took over the space Toys-R-Us used to occupy.

At the DRB Tuesday, one neighbor with the nearby Inez Neighborhood voiced concerns about the hotel’s placement near several large, mature trees. Evelyn Feltner pleaded with the developers to keep the trees from being removed.

“Trees sort of belong to everyone in the city because of the good they do the city,” said Feltner, president of the Inez Neighborhood Association. In response, Williamson said her team will take the concerns into account.

“We need to do further review of where they are in context to our building footprint,” said Williamson. “We will do our very best effort and we will work with Evelyn.”

Alongside the hotel, Modulus Architects is also working on finishing up plans for the long-promised new public park at the center of the Winrock site. Those plans could be presented to the public before the summer.

“We intend to be in with the DRB within the next six months with the park, which again is a very large infrastructure project,” said Williamson.

There’s no timetable on when crews might break ground on the park project. The hotel is aiming to break ground by May 2020, and open by April 2021.

Crews are also working on finishing up the new office space for New Mexico Orthopedics, which will sit across from the Regal Cinemas movie theater. That office space is expected to open by January 2020.