ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A business group is trying to make it easier for companies that want to move here — or expand here. They created a real estate website with virtual tours of properties and shows nearby attractions.

The Albuquerque Economic Development announced the launch of a new database that maps available commercial sites and properties in order to grow business and attract investments in the city. AED says is a GIS-based resource that combines robust location, demographic, business, and economic data to serve as a primary resource for business recruitment, expansion, and retention.

“Over time, the need to have the best, fastest, and real-time data is absolutely critical,” said Danielle Casey, President, and CEO of Albuquerque Economic Development. “It really is a wonderful interface for listing and promoting properties within our region and keeping an eye on what’s going on with those properties and be able to adequately market them.” is a new interactive property database that combines available spaces around Albuquerque and nearby cities like Rio Rancho and Los Lunas and highlights the perk of each one — from location to demographics and even what restaurants and parks are in close proximity. The website is also mobile-friendly so those on the go can look up properties, take a virtual tour, or go check it out in person.

AED, a non-profit, says it takes the time-consuming venture of looking for real estate out of the equation by compiling all the information in one free, easy spot. They hope it will bring in businesses from outside the state and industries like film or manufacturing, and even help local businesses expand or relocate to fit their needs.

“Who are suppliers to that industry, what else is happening in film and media production that can be happening here locally that isn’t yet,” said Casey. “They can go in here and quickly put in the parameters. If they’re looking for 1,500 square feet of retail, they can get listing of everything we show is available.”

The site is built off a program called ZoomProspector. AED hopes it will eventually help other parts of New Mexico.

“Maybe they pick three locations that they like and they run the data and they can determine this is the better location for me, based on the parameters that matter for my business. Maybe I don’t want to be next door to a competitor or maybe there’s another complementary business that I want to be next door to,” said Casey. “The ability to be very quick on responses, time is money as well when businesses are looking.”

AED says along with local communities, property owners and listing agents can also utilize the site’s database to promote available properties in the region while also featuring unique assets and local GIS information, such as opportunity zones, zoning layers, or quality of life amenities such as bike trails or public parks.

AED says the new website couples listings and layers with additional proprietary data sources. The following are some of the features:

  • DEMOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS: Visitors can research labor force, population, educational levels and even employee types by distance or radius from a selected property, or even a pin on the map and export the information in ready-to-go reports.
  • BUSINESS REPORTS: The business database can help identify industry clusters and potential customers, competitors and suppliers. An excellent resource as well for retail site locations!
  • COMMUNITY PROFILES: Community-specific data sets can be seen for all jurisdictions within the metro area and provides information on transportation resources, consumer spending and identifies quality of life amenities like housing costs.

AED also put together a webinar Wednesday on the website. They plan to upload a recorded version in the near future.