NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The last few months have proven just how much we all rely on technology. Now, state lawmakers are learning about ways to attract data centers for internet giants right here in New Mexico. Data centers collect and store information for all of our online needs.

“This is a very big market, it is very important to our economy to a lot of different things globally and it’s worthwhile to pursue,” said Jim Grice with Brian Cave Leighton Paisner, LLP.

The data center and digital infrastructure industry have been on the rise recently because more people are using the internet. Companies like Amazon, Uber, Facebook and Microsoft all use data centers to store information and help keep their online presence running.

Lawmakers were told that bringing in data centers could help put New Mexico on the map for the IT industry. They said New Mexico’s location could be a good selling point because we’re away from potential natural disasters, which makes states in the tornado alley or Westcoast earthquake-prone areas less attractive. But in order to bring data centers to the state, the biggest hurdle would be what tax incentives New Mexico could offer.

“I think the tax situation is extremely important because of the kind of investment is made,” said Rep. Abbas Akhil (D- Albuquerque).

Facebook, of course, already set up a data center in Los Lunas a few years ago. Some lawmakers did express interest in bringing in data centers to the state.

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