RIO RANCHO, N.M. (KRQE) – Tuesday marks one year since crews broke ground on a major Rio Rancho construction project. Businesses nearby have been impacted, but one local shop has made do with the roadwork by changing how they do business.

“This morning a woman came in, she was calling, she was like, how the hell do I get into your shop, and I was like, I’m so sorry. You know, it looks like the road is closed.”

Cori Luzietti, the owner of Screen Kings Print Shop in Rio Rancho, often gets these questions. Her business happens to be along NM-528, where major construction has taken over the last year, making it hard for customers to get to her. “(Another customer) said the same thing, how do I get out of here, how long is this going to happen, and I was like I don’t know, who knows.”

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The 25 million dollar project broke ground a year ago Tuesday, adding lanes, a bike path, and other things to keep up with Rio Rancho’s growth. But throughout the last 365 days, some businesses nearby have suffered. Luziette says the construction hasn’t been detrimental to her shop but has been annoying. In order to keep up, she has changed the way she does business, moving more to online sales and deliveries.

“I’m just trying to help other people not have to drive through it, so if I deliver things or hire a carrier service to take their items to them so they don’t have to go through this, I’m glad to do it. We pretty much do it every day.”

It’s a business concept that she plans to continue in the future long after the construction cones are gone.
“The deliveries we would probably keep doing that, it is beneficial for people, especially people that live in Albuquerque, like the heights or by the airport, we have a lot of customers that live over by the airport, or their businesses are right over there, and I mean that’s a drive to come to Rio Rancho.”

The Project Manager, NetoRey Terrazaz, says the 528 project is smooth and on schedule; they’re 69% complete with the construction. Luziette says although it’s been a long process, she says it will all be worth it. “I know big picture, it will pay off, and it will look amazing when it’s done,” she said.

Read NMDOTS the full statement here:

“The project is going smooth and on schedule, we are anticipating a substantial completion date of 12/28/22. With the inevitable punch list items at the end of every project, we should be completed and out of the area at the end of January or the beginning of February. The project started to hit the ground on August 2nd, 2021, and we have not had any major impacts or delays. We will be paving nights, starting on August the 7th or the 8th for 2-3weeks.”

“Some of the items we have been working on lately have been a lot of slope concrete paving, curb & gutter, drop inlets, fencing, landscaping, and dirt work for paving operations. There has been a lot of lighting work and we will have new traffic signals at each intersection, which should look nice. We are 69% complete and have utilized 355 days out of the 500 allowable calendar days to complete this project.”