ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – People in a booming northeast neighborhood off San Pedro Drive and Signal Avenue are fed up with a remnant of the old neighborhood. They say the property is an eyesore and has been a magnet for trouble after a fire two years ago.

“We have been victims of home invasion since we’ve been there the past two years. There’s been gunshots to my next-door neighbor…. their home where the bullet actually went through several walls and landed on their king-sized bed,” said Alameda Crossing HOA President, Danny Perea.

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Neighbors say it’s a nightly occurrence with people coming and going. Many of them sit in their cars, drinking, shooting guns, starting fires, and leaving trash behind on the property. The property on Signal Avenue sits right behind the new Tin Can Alley business area.

Perea says he and other neighbors have complained to the city, but feel not enough is being done to address the problem. “We’ve just had enough of this. We are afraid that one day someone is going to get seriously injured and possibly die from a gunshot from all of this,” Perea said.

City councilor Brook Bassan says she is aware of the conditions of the property and says code enforcement has gone out in the past to issue violations. She says she will also be contacting APD to check in on the area.

The property owner says he is also tired of the crime and is working to develop the property. For the time being, he will be putting up a chain-link fence to keep the trouble out.