HOUSTON (KIAH) In 2023, Netflix is trying to make sure no one is sharing account passwords. Do you share your Netflix passwords? In New Mexico, 32% of New Mexico Netflix subscribers said they do share their password, and watches an average of 746 hours of Netflix each year. That’s according to Techelate.com.

The streaming giant sent a letter to shareholders last month and expects to release paid account sharing “more broadly” toward the end of the first quarter of 2023.

Netflix’s efforts to restrict subscribers from sharing passwords has come to light. CW39 morning business reporter Jane King said that the “Sharing your Netflix account” pages on the help section of the Netflix website in Costa Rica, Chile and Peru said it addresses anyone in the household that can use the account.

The cost of adding someone outside the household to your account costs a little less than actual subscription. To detect other devices linked to the account, the company uses IP addresses, device ID’s and account activity.  If you have any questions about sharing your Netflix account, here are a few helpful links from the Netflix website for you to review.  

Do you share your password?