ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – In a collaboration with a local organization, Dion’s is selling handcrafted pizza boards to support programming for local fathers that were formerly incarcerated. Dion’s sold out of the boards within a few hours. Each board is unique and is created using an assortment of woods including African mahogany, white maple, cherry, poplar, and cedar.

The pizza boards are handmade at the Fathers Building Futures workshop located in Albuquerque and are created by formerly incarcerated fathers who are looking to build new skills. When back in stock, the boards will be available online in the Dion’s Fan Shop for $35 and can be shipped nationwide.

“When those dads are actually building those pizza paddles, for example, they are learning great job skills that they can take to the workforce,” said Deena Crawley, director of marketing for Dion’s.

Proceeds from the boards benefit Fathers Building Futures, an organization that strives to help parents and families that are experiencing obstacles from incarceration receive opportunities for stability. The organization provides programs that include job employment training, parenting and life skills, family reunification strategies, financial literacy, mentorship, and paths to job certification.

Dion’s and the dads are working on getting the boards back in stock soon.