SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – A new service in Santa Fe is now up and running, getting your pet from point A to point B and everything in between. Dogxi started officially running about a month ago but the idea came to mind in late 2020, when Jenna Piro noticed a need for pet transportation in the community.

“We would constantly get people calling needing to get their pets to either grooming appointments, or daycare, or vet appointments and things like that that they just aren’t mobile,” said Piro. Piro and a partner bought and customized a small transport van, building a safe enclosure room for big dogs in the back and smaller dogs in the front and middle.

Dogxi does more than transporting dogs. They also can come and take your dog on walks, out to the bathroom, or they can deliver pet supplies straight to your front door. They serve more than just dogs, cats and other pets are welcome as well.

“It’s also connecting different animal services rather than competing with each other I think it really has the potential to really connect those people and everyone can kind of end up working together,” said Piro.

Pricing varies depending on the service and how many miles driven but typically all of their trips are between 25 to 15 minutes. The company already has a few regulars but there are plenty of available spots to get pets around.

If they see success in Santa Fe, the company would look into expanding Dogxi into Albuquerque.