NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The state is changing how people receive vehicle titles. From now on the titles will be mailed to your home not printed at an MVD office starting August 1. Officials with MVD say they’re doing this to improve security. You can still file in person or online.

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“We understand customers prefer being able to walk out of the office with a new title, but this is an important step we need to take to keep blank title forms out of the wrong hands,” said Taxation and Revenue Secretary Stephanie Schardin Clarke in a news release.

According to a news release from the Ne Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department. customers should schedule an appointment to get a new title and registration as soon as possible after purchasing a vehicle. They say titles and registrations are usually processed and mailed to the owner within one or two business days.

MVD advises customers to obtain a new title after paying off a vehicle loan and getting the title from the lienholder. They say those needing to replace a title can do so online for $5 by opening the online services menu and choosing “eservices.” For more information, visit