ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – As the film industry takes off in New Mexico, some unusual local businesses are taking off too.

From a fleet of LAPD patrol units to Jesse Pinkman’s getaway vehicle, owner of Southwest Picture Cars Jay Vigil has about 200 cars in his Albuquerque lot.

“We had a bunch of cars we had to convert too,” says Vigil. “They range from cop cars, buses, ambulances, everyday cars.”

All of them have been used in TV shows and movies. “I have two Land Rovers that were on Planet of the Apes,” said Vigil.

He’s not the only local business owner benefiting from the state’s film boom. “There is all kinds of objects and material goods and makers and creators that are employees when a production comes to town,” said Amber Dodson, Film Liaison for the City of Albuquerque.

You can find all 1,500 support services on the state film office’s website.
“We used to joke that if Walter White sold his art collection in his home, he wouldn’t have to be dealing with drugs,” says Roy Johnson, Owner Sumner & Dene Gallery.

From gunsmiths to art galleries that rent out pieces to productions, to animal trainers, “the movie business boomed in Albuquerque and we got very busy and it’s been great for our economy. It’s provided a lot of jobs,” says Lisa Berry.

Lisa Berry with Custom K-9 performance training has been training film animals for 15 years.

“The producers will call us and tell us what type of animal they would like and what type of actions they would like it to do and we’ll go through the dogs that we have trained and find one that closely matched,” said Berry.

He also says a Pressa Canario she trains has been in several movies. Most recently Creed II, filmed last year in southern New Mexico.

This year, there were 80 productions filmed in New Mexico. According to the film office, most of them take advantage of our local resources. “It’s really a lot of fun and we really enjoy what we do,” Vigil says

In order to be listed on the support services page, businesses have to have a New Mexico address and tax I.D.companies are also vetted by the film office.