SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – What started as all fun and games on TikTok during a pandemic, has turned into a valuable tool to get customers. Local businesses are jumping on the popular app and spiking attention to their work.

From goofy, to influential, the social media app boomed during the pandemic and Santa Fe Brewing Co. is taking advantage of the opportunity. “It’s an effective way of getting our message across,” said marketing manager, Evan Wrons. Wrons is behind the scenes on the video.

The videos showcase the personalities behind the bar and some of their brews. “I mean it’s definitely advertising but at the same time we try to make it as personable or as funny or as interesting as possible even if it’s about a product,” said Wrons.

They’re not the only ones who see the potential. Patrick Rhodes details cars in Santa Fe but his client list isn’t as hefty as he’d like.

“I used to haul off people’s stuff and I needed more like when COVID happened it really just my business took a slam and so I was like ‘what else can I do?’,” said Rhodes. When he started pushing car detailing he decided to get creative.

“I wanted to captivate somebody and make them want to remember me so I was like what should I do,” said Rhodes. He chose to show off his personality and his moves.

Finding a way to connect in a time where masks and distance make it hard to get personal with potential customers. “You can’t get out there and go talk to people face-to-face without wearing a mask you can’t actually have that expression,” said Rhodes.

Both businesses are seeing the reward and enjoying their time getting creative. “I’d like to think this is just the beginning,” said Wrons.