TAOS, N.M. (KRQE) – With COVID-19 cases continuing to surge because of the omicron variant, some local businesses are taking safety precautions into their own hands. Despite needing the revenue due to a tough few years of restrictions and closures on businesses, Taos Mesa Brewing owner Jayson Wylie says he knew what he had to do when cases started popping up closer to home.

Around the holiday weekend, Taos was a heavily trafficked area thanks to tourists coming into town. Unfortunately for Wylie, that meant some of his employees came in contact with someone who had COVID-19. Once he noticed employees showing symptoms, he closed the doors to his business and waited for their test results.

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“Making decisions in this environment is hard to do because you really never know what the right one’s going to be. You have a very fine balance between generating revenue being an economic engine for your community and your employees,” said Wylie.

Wylie currently has 50 employees. Twenty percent of the employees tested positive with only a few not experiencing symptoms.

Wylie says indoor dining has been closed since January 1 and right now, they are only offering take-out services.

Despite missing out on some revenue during that time, Wylie is glad he made the decision to shutdown in order to prevent even more employees from contracting the virus as the brewery is already understaffed.

Taos Mesa Brewing is planning on reopening as normal on Friday, January 14. Bar seating will remain closed.