ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s been almost seven years since Hastings closed their doors and now the last vacant building is finding a new purpose. In just a few months the old building will reopen as a Goodwill, the first of its kind in southeast Albuquerque. “We served over 14,000 individuals last year,” said President and CEO, Shauna Kastle.

Coming soon to the Fair Plaza Shopping Center off San Pedro and Lomas will be Goodwill, the first one south of I-40 in Albuquerque. “We were very excited about this particular location because it allows us access to be able to provide services to a population that we don’t get to interact with,” said Kastle.

After close to seven years, all of the former Hastings locations in the Albuquerque area have finally found a new purpose. The one on Coors and Montano was converted into a church in 2018. Nextcare Urgent Care took over at Sara Road and 528 and the building on Wyoming and Montgomery was knocked down altogether to make room for new developments.

Goodwill is already in the process of renovating. “It’s right on a bus line and it’s an area where we currently, you know we still provide services there but our reach just isn’t as extensive as having a location that’s right in the area,” said Kastle.

This particular Goodwill will handle more than just retail and donations. “We wanted to make sure that we have our services front and forward, we’ll have a training center there, a resource center, and we will also be providing job development services as well as a bunch of veteran services,” said Kastle.

Joining the ranks of stores like Smith’s and food joints to fill a gap. “It’s important to us that as we continue to grow that we’re providing the services that are needed in the community,” said Kastle.

The goal is to open sometime this July. Once opened they are looking to hire around twenty people at that location.