ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – One of Albuquerque’s most popular restaurants has been shut down because of thieves. “It’s been a very difficult time and very sad we have a violent and criminal element in the city to continue to do this to businesses and probably private citizens,” said Owner Larry Rainosek.

Sometime Thursday, thieves stole two of the copper lines at the Golden Pride on Central near Eubank. It’s one of the chain’s biggest and busiest sites. The business had to shut down to allow repairs to be done.

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Over those four days, they’ve had to relocate employees to other stores, so they don’t lose pay, but it’s been a headache. “We ended up having to move all refrigerated food and frozen food out because we’re not back online until hopefully tomorrow which is Wednesday. Maybe in the morning, but hoping to get power on sometime today,” Rainosek said.

There were two semi-trucks worth of food to move. The owners decided to prevent the problem in the future by replacing all of its copper wire with aluminum. They say the cost of all this could reach $35,000. The thieves likely got a couple of hundred dollars for what they stole. The owners are pleading with the city to do more to prevent this.