ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – One local business hopes as families start to get out of the house, they visit the playhouse. Electric Playhouse reopened this week and is already planning what’s next.

The beginning of the COVID pandemic hit the playhouse fast. It held its grand opening just weeks before the pandemic hit. “We opened February of 2020 and then we ended up being open for six weeks,” said Brandon Garrett, co-founder of Electric Playhouse. “Then, we had to shut down so we’ve been closed over a year at this point.”

Electric Playhouse is reopening this week. It’s something Garrett says is long-awaited. “People get to run around again, they’re out of the house and everyone loves it,” said Garrett. “The great part about the playhouse is it’s all touch-free too so it’s a really safe option if you’re looking to get out again.”

Each room of the playhouse has a different hands-free approach, from interactive art to games. Because of the all-ages exhibit, masks are still required inside the building.

The playhouse still kept busy while closed. Though still hiring now, they were able to put much of their existing team to work at other locations like Explora. “We’ve done projects with the New Mexico Natural History Museum, the International Balloon Museum, and then our big partnership deals with New Mexico United,” said Garrett, who hopes to keep the side-projects going. “We have a number of other projects in the works.”

Only reopened for a few days, owners are already looking ahead to the future. They have plans to expand around New Mexico, as well as outside of the state. “We’re planning on growing and we’re looking at Texas and Colorado for potential next locations. We’ve been really looking at Dallas and Houston at this point,” said Garrett. “Really, the idea is to have their headquarters here in Albuquerque, New Mexico and expand the concept across the country.”

Garrett says the exhibits are constantly changing and they’re building up a content library of new experiences so any future expansion will be different than the last. Now, the Albuquerque headquarters is just happy to see families having fun, once again.

Electric Playhouse is also bringing back summer camps for kids ages 6-12. “Codename: PLAY” teaches beginners’ coding, while “Codename: BOTS” takes robotics to small groups. Those camps run through the end of July.

Electric Playhouse says they’re also bringing back their immersive dining experience this month. Tickets are on sale now.