ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque collectible store has been hit with another break-in in less than three months. The owner says multiple businesses in that plaza have been broken into. “When I got in, the glass from my display case was completely shattered,” said store owner Tony Duran. “Everything that was in here was on the floor here and the other side.”

That’s what store owner Tony Duran saw when he walked into his store Tuesday morning. He opened Eternia Power Toys and Collectibles last year in November with the idea of offering a fun, family-friendly environment.

“I notified the police, who stayed on the phone with me til they had officers on scene to come check the store, sweep it to make sure that no one was inside, and once they cleared it, they let me come in inside,” said Duran.  “The last break-in happened in June on the 11th. That was our first break-in that time they threw a brick through the door, and unlock the door; that’s how they gained access. That’s when they stole my collectible cards.”

He sold one-of-a-kind collectibles items that are hard to find and are extremely valuable. His insurance won’t be able to cover what was stolen because of the type of business he has.

They took collectible video games one of them was a sealed copy of Paper Boy Nintendo that’s probably around between 3 and $5,000 in value just for that one thing,” said Duran. “They cover like the walls basically the foundation everything with the store itself but as far as the items that’s just a complete loss.”

A GoFundMe page has been created to help the owner.