ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – With more businesses and schools looking for ways to beef up security, one Albuquerque company is turning to robots for help. Robots used to be just an idea or something you’d see in the movies, but these days they’re real. They’re used in everyday situations, from cleaning to food delivery. “The big problem that we have in the world is not enough security,” said Dave Dworsky, President and CEO of Team 1st Technologies.

The Albuquerque company, Team 1st Technologies, hopes to turn robots into security officers. They said the robots are not going to replace security guards but rather work alongside them. “They don’t need to eat. They don’t need to sleep. They’ll show up to work. They don’t get tired,” Dworsky said about the robots.

These autonomous security robots are capable of patrolling places like businesses, schools, wind and solar farms, and nuclear facilities. Each robot can move along different terrain and environments. They’re equipped with 3-D optical zoom cameras, thermal detection, GPS, and facial recognition.

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The robots are able to assess situations on a case-by-case basis and then adjust their response accordingly. They play a recorded message to deter crime and can alert actual authorities. “You know onsite shooters, and you know the tragedies and animosities that happen, maybe this robot can work alongside and notice those things much faster than a security officer can,” said Dylon Rodriguez, Robotics and Network Engineer at Team 1st.

The company says they offer up a sense of security for human security guards and may even prevent injuries of security officers. “With our robot, we are allowing a robot to go out and do the monitoring, and let’s say something really bad happens: we don’t lose a person. We can lose a robot. That’s what insurance is for,” said Dworsky.

Team 1st is the exclusive distributor in North America for SMP Robotics, a company based in California. Right now, the parts are coming from Finland. The company hopes the robots can be manufactured in Mexico and then be put together in New Mexico.

“We have the ability to cultivate this right here in New Mexico, drawing upon the talent we have here so that people don’t need to look for innovative jobs outside of this region. They can come right here in Albuquerque,” said Patrick Calandro, Chief Operating Officer at Team 1st Technologies.

They estimate the market here in North America is in need of 450,000 of the robots. Pricing is based on a subscription service: 3 years for just under $10,000 a month. That comes to about $15 an hour for 24/7 security.