TIJUANA (Border Report) — Tijuana’s Police Department only has two drones in its fleet, now it wants to add more.

Police officials are making a push to get more drones for aerial surveillance purposes, claiming it’s had great success with the limited number of devices it currently has.

The city’s chief of police said it’s hard to cover the entire city with just two drones.

“We are very limited with this type of technology, the mayor has been trying to get more, so we can take advantage of this technology,” said Chief Jorge Ayon Monsalve

According to Ayon, drones fly daily throughout the city of Tijuana, providing an “eye in the sky” and offering a perspective that officers don’t have from street level.

“We have our routes where we take them around hard-to-reach places where we know crimes are taking place, and when there is something going on, we dispatch a drone to the area to help support our crews on the ground,” Ayon said. “We’ve had a lot of success that’s why it’s more necessary than ever to use this to support our crime-fighting efforts.”

When asked how many he would like to have, Ayon said “We would like to get at least five more, it’s hard, however the mayor is looking for a way to support our efforts.”

Ayon stated the drones would work areas that are most problematic around the city.

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