JUAREZ, Mexico (Border Report) – Chihuahua Attorney General Roberto Fierro says he cannot confirm Juarez news reports that one of the 30 men who escaped from Juarez’s Cereso-3 prison may now be in the United States. 

“No. There is no certainty that he crossed into the United States,” Fierro told Border Report at the conclusion of Wednesday’s memorial in honor of 10 guards killed during the New Year’s Day escape and two state officers slain a day later during the search for the convicts. 

Juarez news reports on Wednesday said one of the escapees, whom they identified as Joaquin Gutierrez Payan, was photographed by authorities in the vicinity of the border wall. The photo shows a man with a bloodied face facing a narrow metal fence – not the thick bollards of the border wall – with graffiti on what appears to be the Mexican concrete bank of the Rio Grande in the background. 

In a statement to Border Report, the U.S. Border Patrol said the agency has no information regarding the alleged attempted crossing. The agency directed further inquiries to Mexican government officials who were the source of the report. 

Border Report spoke to various officials late Wednesday who said they have no information on Gutierrez having crossed into the United States. One joked that the last thing a fugitive Mexican cartel member wants is to cross the border and “spend the rest of his life in a supermax” U.S. prison.