Bernalillo County looks to eliminate use of weed herbicide

Bernalillo County has until April 23 to submit a plan on how to stop using a potentially harmful weed killer.

Back in October, commissioners put a temporary moratorium on the herbicide glyphosate.

In a resolution, the County should lay out a plan that will eliminate that herbicide all together by April 2022.

If you’re going to the Valle Del Bosque Park in the South Valley, you’ll be greeted with weeds.

“Who wants to come into a park with a bunch of weeds?” asked local Martin Ortega. “As you go further back, it’s nothing but weeds.” 

Ortega lives by the park, which is run by Bernalillo County, and adds one of the park’s issues are the weeds.

“They just cut the weeds, they just cut the weeds,” said Ortega. “The weeds must have been two to three feet high.”

In the war against weeds, the county uses the herbicide glyphosate. It’s a popular herbicide that is found in sprays like Roundup. According to online publications, the chemical stops the plant’s growth and recently, it’s been linked to cancer.

Months ago, commissioners put a temporary moratorium on the use of glyphosate until the end of April. By the April 23 meeting, the county has to come up with a plan to eliminate the herbicide all together by April 2022.

“I would totally be all for it,” said a local woman. 

People who KRQE News 13 spoke with like that the county is trying to move past this herbicide.

“If they were to use a friendlier herbicide, that would be fantastic,” said Ortega.

“I think it’s a good idea,” said a local woman. “Anything that is safer for our environment, our kids and of course our animals, I think is great.”

The county says until April 2022, when it no longer uses the chemical, it will continue the moratorium on 32 percent of properties in the county based on potential environmental and food growing impacts.

“We have to do more to protect the earth, protect ourselves and our pets,” said local Frances Armijo.

The county said they will only use the herbicide as a last resort until April 2022.

So far, there’s no plan for how the county will steer away from the chemical, but the resolution states it will work with state and local agencies to find a safe and cost-effective way to get rid of weeds.

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