CORRECTION: In the original broadcast and web versions of this story, KRQE News 13 reported that Jon Jones was not cited for speeding during the traffic stop. BCSO says he was given a citation for speeding, but admitted guilt and paid a fine and the citation itself was not listed in court records. News 13 has updated the story to reflect the correct information. News 13 regrets the error.

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – On Monday, a spokesperson for the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department denied that famed UFC fighter Jon “Bones” Jones received special treatment from a deputy who pulled him over, claiming he was going 75 mph in a 35 mph stretch of Alameda Boulevard.

The traffic stop, recorded on belt tape audio and later obtained by TMZ, happened on a Sunday evening last month. Jones said he was headed to the gym when he was pulled over in a white Corvette.

It quickly became apparent that Jones didn’t have a license, registration or insurance on him. In fact, the deputy couldn’t find any evidence Jones had a license at all. Jones told the deputy he was using a passport to drive, but believed he had a New York license. Despite a spokesperson for Jones insisting that he’s “fully licensed”, it’s unclear if he currently has a New Mexico license and didn’t at the time of the stop. He was required to have a New Mexico license within a month of moving to the state.

The deputy gave Jones citations for speeding, not having a license, registration or insurance on the car and towed the vehicle. Jones also paid a more than $200 fine. Even with that, the deputy insists Jones was getting off easy, implying he could’ve faced a bigger charge.

“I mean, going 75 is pretty much reckless driving dude,” said the deputy. “So you’re getting a huge break, dude.”

It seems like an even bigger break given that Jones is on supervised probation for a hit and run incident where Jones hurt a pregnant woman and took off on foot. On his sentencing document, the judge didn’t check a box that would’ve made driving without a license a probation violation. The DA’s office says probation isn’t handling this as a violation, meaning Jones gets to avoid jail time.

BCSO Sgt. Aaron Williamson denies Jones got special treatment.

“Although you hear the deputy say he cut him a break… in my opinion no, he didn’t get a break in this situation,” Williamson said.

While the deputy references reckless driving, Williamson says going 40 mph over the speed limit alone isn’t enough to arrest for that.

“In this case, he was the only other car on the roadway… so speeding in this particular case is not an arrestable offense.” Williamson said.

Williamson says it isn’t clear the deputy had the full picture of Jones’ past driving record because he didn’t come up in the system at all, but says that’s beside the point.

“We can’t take what happened on someone else’s scene or past criminal behavior to make decisions on that particular stop,” Williamson said.

Jones has downplayed the incident on social media.

He’s due in court on the citations next month and is due to fight for a UFC title in April.