ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Balloon Fiesta is an event that people travel from all over the world to witness. There is nothing like seeing hundreds of hot air balloons taking off right in front of you. Although there’s no better seat than watching it right from Balloon Fiesta Visit Albuquerque created a list of “The Best Places to Watch the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.”

  1. Balloon Fiesta Park
    • There can’t be a list of where to watch Balloons from without mentioning Balloon Fiesta itself. Nothing can compare to watching hundreds of balloons taking off right in front of you. Experiencing balloon fiesta from the actual park itself is an event like no other.
  2. The Albuquerque International Balloon Museum
    • The Anderson Abruzzo International Balloon Museum takes watching Balloon Fiesta to another level. Guests get to enjoy food and drinks and watch the Balloons take off from the deck.
  3. From a hot air balloon
    • Seeing Balloon Fiesta from an actual Balloon that is taking off more than 2,000 ft. up in the air offers views like no other. 600 hot air balloons taking off at the same time and surrounding you is a view no one can compare.
  4. The River
    • Another spectacular view is to watch balloons from a kayak or paddleboard on the Rio Grande. Nothing beats colorful balloons floating in the air while you float on the water. There are plenty of tours that can be taken during Balloon Fiesta.
  5. Bosque Trail
    • The Bosque Trail can be one of the best places to enjoy balloon viewing. You can enjoy a bike ride, run, or walk under balloons. And if the winds are blowing that way you can catch more than one balloon flying your way.
  6. The top of Sandia Resort & Casino
    • If you are not planning to watch Balloons take off in the morning you can catch them glowing at night from the top of the Resort & Casino.
  7. From a park
    • One of the best parks to watch balloons from is North Domingo Baca Park off Paseo Del Norte Blvd. and Alameda Blvd. This park provides a great view of the morning mass ascension as hundreds of balloons fill the sky.
    • If you want to see ballons land you can head to Vista Del Norte Park off Osuna Rd. Make sure you stay safe and away from the chase crew.