ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Balloon Fiesta is just now hours away and vendors are getting ready for the thousands of visitors set to attend the park on Saturday.  

Vendors have been setting up for the past two weeks and have been putting on the finishing touches to make sure everything runs smoothly for the first day of Balloon Fiesta. 

“Today we are just doing a dry run to make sure our electrical works make sure all our displays are in place make sure all our prices are right make sure our displays are right,” said Darren Pfeffer, owner of Toadland gifts, souvenirs and jewelry has been working Fiesta for 20 years.  

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Every year it starts with an empty tent which they transform. “4 am to 9 pm for 10 days in a row it’s a rough stint but we do like it and it’s very profitable for us it’s worth the time and the effort,” said Pfeffer.  

Even with two weeks to set up, some vendors say it can be a scramble. “A little stressed because I’m not quite ready. I like for everything to be perfect and look good,” said Patty Lewis owner of Discover Balloon.  

“Trying to get the booth all settled and people trying to come in and buy so yeah just a lot going on,” said Lewis.  

For most vendors, Friday was about putting up signs bringing in last-minute merchandise and making sure everything is priced correctly as well as making sure special limited merchandise, like products for the eclipse, will be distributed on certain days of Fiesta.  

“We have enough up and ready for the you know the people coming in the beginning and enough for the back end for people coming in a little bit later during the week,” said employee at The Balloon Hat Man tent. 

Vendors say they are excited to make this a memorable year for this year’s crowd. “There will be so many balloons in the air it will just be a fantastic epic show for everyone who attends tomorrow,” said George Sedillo, Krispy Kreme wholesale manager.