ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – With the 2023 Balloon Fiesta in full swing, it’s not just traditional balloonists taking to the skies. Remote controlled hot air balloon pilots are also bringing their balloons to life at Balloon Fiesta.

The remote-controlled “Globitos” made their debut at Balloon Fiesta a couple of years ago. Last fall, pilots tried to break the world record for number of RC balloons. They didn’t quite make it, so they are trying again this year. “Last year we were trying to break the record. The world record is 54,55 and with the number of balloons that we have this year we hope to get it. Looking forward to getting it,” RC balloon pilot Melissa Bond said.

RC balloons are smaller, about a quarter of the size of a normal hot air balloon. They can’t hold humans, so they often have a mascot inside. Using small burners, pilots use their remotes to make the balloons go up and down. Pilots this year are hoping for better weather to launch their RC balloons. The pilots hope to have 75 balloons on the field this year.