ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – We’re only four days away from the State Fair and less than a month out from the Balloon Fiesta. Some people are worried the city doesn’t look ready for the visitors those events draw to Albuquerque.

Trash, human feces, glass, and boarded-up businesses are what you see when you take a drive in Downtown Albuquerque or Nob Hill.

“They have that clean team, and they seem on top of it as far as cleanliness, but it’s an every night disaster down here. Next day, they clean it up, but by midnight it’s there again, but they’re doing their best to keep it clean,” said the owner of Lindy’s Diner Steve Vatoseow.

Albuquerque Solid Waste Department has several programs in place to keep the city looking clean. Some businesses said they are impressed with the work the city and community are doing.

“I think Nob Hill for the most part stays pretty clean. Sometimes, there are situations where a little bit of trash gathers up, but I feel like it stays fairly cleaned up,” said Empire Board Game Library Owner Rory Veronda, Empire Board Game Library Owner.

The question remains: Will the area be cleaned in time for big events like the State Fair or Balloon Fiesta?

“I think there are some areas of town that could use some cleaning, especially coming up for Balloon Fiesta. I feel like the city does clean things up before Balloon Fiesta hits. Let’s hope that they follow through with that,” said Veronda.

Each year, the Solid Waste Department holds a clean-up event before Balloon Fiesta for locals to help in sprucing up neighborhoods and other areas just in time for tourists.

“We have a long way to go to make it a pleasant experience for out-of-town people to come and visit, but we’re on the right track, I think,” said Vatoseow.

The annual fall city clean-up is planned for September 24 from 9 a.m. to Noon. The city says they have plenty of volunteers for the Balloon Fiesta Park cleanup, but are still looking for neighborhoods to register. The last day to register is September 16.