ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Hot air balloon pilot and co-owner of Monahan Airways, Scott Monahan discusses his love of ballooning and how he and his twin brother turned a dream into a reality by pursuing the hobby. Monahan owns four balloons that are taking flight at the Fiesta including Simba the lion, Kermie the frog, the unicorn Allycorn, and Tico the sloth.

Monahan explains that when he and his brother were young and living in New York state they would ride their bikes downtown to the balloon festival which inspired their love of ballooning. Since then, the pair has been traveling around the world and flying balloons for 14 years.

Monahan describes the Balloon Fiesta as a truly unique event that needs to be experienced in person. “This is the Super Bowl of ballooning,” said Monahan.