ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – La Luz Coffee has been serving up a cup of joe at Balloon Fiesta for more than a decade. However, the weather really rained on their parade this year for the 50th anniversary.

“Obviously the last nine days hasn’t been exactly what we wanted it to be with the weather, you know, [it] has canceled a lot of the balloons making people not come out as much as they would originally,” Steven Vayding, a spokesperson for La Luz said.

Despite the rain, La Luz still did well. “The first Saturday has been the best day I know of ever at Balloon Fiesta as far as attendance goes or sales go, so it’s up and down, but kind of evens out,” Vayding said.

Others agree, like JJ’s Concession. They had record sales on the first two days of Fiesta. “We have been busy, I mean we’re going through tons and tons of food,” the Manager, Robert Harvey said, “We’re running out of food; we’re starting to have to borrow tortillas because this is our main booth.”

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Harvey said if it wasn’t for the weather, they would have seen a record week.”When it starts raining, we start selling, just saying, hey, half-price burritos to get rid of what we made for the day.”