Balloon Fiesta officials are exploring more ways to fix the Park and Ride problems they saw this weekend. 

Complaints poured in from visitors who were turned away at Park and Ride sites because there weren’t enough buses. Some didn’t get a ride until the mass ascension was over. 

Fiesta officials say 21,000 people used the Park and Ride on Saturday – an all time high.

Before that, the most they had seen was 18,000. 

They say they are looking at ways to get the buses back and forth to the park more efficiently. They say next year, they may also look at requiring all Park and Ride passes to be pre-purchased for a specific time and location. 

They say one problem Saturday was the high number of walk-ups, but officials still say that what happened was unacceptable. 

Fiesta officials say the busiest days at the park are the weekend mass ascensions and the Special Shapes Glowdeos on Thursday and Friday night. 

They also say there were erroneous reports out there that Lyft and Uber users were going to have to sit in traffic like any other driver. 

Park officials say that is not true; they do have designated routes and drop off and pick up areas at the park.