Amid talks of cutting some sports at UNM to fix the university’s debt, a new audit reveals Title IX issues with the school’s athletics department.

The university is not treating men’s and women’s sports equally in regards to the ratio of men and women on campus.

The audit, conducted by a third party group, breaks down the disparity between men’s and women’s sports programs. Overall, the school has about 11 percent more women on campus than men, but men comprise about 13 percent more of the school’s athletics program.

And the report doesn’t just look at numbers. It breaks down everything from the quality of practice facilities and locker rooms to issuing of gear.

For example, the women’s soccer, swimming, golf and track teams haven’t been given sports bras.

The women’s softball clubhouse is in shambles compared to its baseball equivalent.

Meanwhile, the women’s beach volleyball team doesn’t even have a practice facility. they use the courts at ‘Lucky 66 Bowl’ on 4th Street and have reported problems with beer caps and needles in the sand, along with smoking patrons nearby.

It also looks at disparities with scholarships, money spent on team travels and more.

The audit recommends fixing these issues and either adding women’s sports or eliminating men’s.

Cutting sports is already on the table to fix the university’s $2 million deficit.

Off-camera today, Athletic Director Eddie Nunez again said a final decision has not been made. That is expected later this summer. He did clarify, however, that adding women’s sports is definitely not an option.

Nunez said this new report makes things more complicated but speaks volumes about how UNM needs to handle Title IX going forward.

Read the full report here.