ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) –  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed Friday that deadly drug overdoses have more than doubled since 1999, and New Mexico is on the list of states that’s outpacing the national numbers.

It’s another reminder that one local organization’s mission is vital, and Under His Construction is conquering the drug addiction battle one client at a time.

The faith-based nonprofit’s thrift store on Acoma and San Mateo is not only a place for browsing for bargains. It’s a treasure for its workers.

“I was completely lost. I had no way of getting back to reality,” said Jesse Chavez. He and his wife, Rachelle, are part of the organization and have turned their lives around.

“We lived for the last two years in Santa Fe completely addicted to drugs, to heroin,” he said.

“There is hope for all of us,” Rachelle said. “It made me believe that I am here for a purpose, I am meant to be here for a reason, and I need to be strong for my kids,” she added.

Under His Construction runs the thrift shop, a South Valley ranch that serves as a men’s home, and a family home. Their goal is to offer new beginnings for recovering addicts or ex-cons, so they don’t go back to their old ways.

Jaime Cervantes, house manager for the program, said, “We have 30 beds, but we need 30,000 in reality, so an extraordinary problem requires an extraordinary response from the community.”

Cervantes said there is a waiting list of at least a dozen individuals waiting to get into the program.

“This is a statewide epidemic,” Cervantes said. “It affects individuals, families, communities and in turn our entire state.”

Mark Broughton, a program coach and mentor, also touted the program’s success and value.

“I have a son who passed away several years ago from a drug overdose, and it affected his younger brother and rather than driving him away from drugs, it drove him to it,” he said.

Broughton now helps participants in Under His Construction. He said the national numbers on drug casualties are alarming.

“We are losing the equivalent of one 737 a day of people who are dying from drug overdose,” he said.

Under His Construction, formerly New Path Ministries, also does landscaping and moving services, in addition to floral arrangements and photography.

The nonprofit will hold a fundraiser dinner April 1 at the Uptown Marriott. For information on the fundraiser, call (505) 991-6388.

The thrift store, located at 5311 Acoma Rd. SE in Albuquerque, can be reached at (505) 717-2050.