On any given day, the Albuquerque Police Department has its hands full—from crashes to DWI stops, burglaries, homicides and so much more—the city has cameras help them handle those calls.

“We can see what has occurred when virtually no one’s even available,” said Don Lewis, the Supervisor for the Real Time Crime Center.  

He said the city has 274 cameras staggered around the city. Most of them are at major intersections. 

“All of our cameras are going to have the capability where we can have the capability to do a live feed,” Lewis said. “All of our cameras can also be low light resolution.”

When a crash or crime has occurred, the RTCC can access any of their cameras for assistance to help provide a clear view of what happened. 

“Multiple times we are coming across where there’s either gonna be poor eye witness accounts or even no witnesses whatsoever to be able to provide assistance,” Lewis said. 

Depending on a camera’s location, video recorded is saved for different lengths of time.

If close to 300 city cameras wasn’t enough, they also work with more than 100 business citywide that have allowed APD access to their video networks, totaling access to 1,900 cameras. 

“It can be able to provide assistance in making a clear identification of what happened at the time, or even if it’s going to be able to make a positive identification maybe who our possible offenders could be,” said Lewis.

The Department of Municipal Development also uses the cameras to monitor intersections during morning and evening rush hours. They say they assist them with signal timing. 

APD said if you’re interested in having your home or business’ cameras linked to the Real Time Crime Center, you can visit this link for more information.