The Albuquerque Police Department is rewriting its mission and vision statement with the help of the community. However, it may not impact how the department operates as much as some may want to believe. 

Gathered at Highland High School Saturday morning, about two dozen people made their voices heard to a consulting firm, the City’s Senior Advisor for Public Safety and the Community Outreach Manager of the Albuquerque Police Department.

The City has hired LEH Consulting Group to help APD rewrite its mission and vision statement. 

“Some of the things they talked about is integrity. They talked about reciprocal respect,” says James Lewis, Senior Advisor for Public Safety.

It is all part of the ongoing push for community policing as APD continues to recover from the DOJ settlement agreement.

While the updated mission and vision statement will include feedback from these Albuquerque citizens and more, the outreach manager tells us it really will not change officer’s daily procedures.

“It shouldn’t change how we respond to calls, it’s just more of a way of getting people involved,” he says. 

Both the Community Outreach Manager and Public Safety Advisor hope the process will rebuild trust in the community.

News 13 googled the APD mission and vision statement and found this at

Mission Statement

The mission of the Albuquerque Police Department is to preserve the peace and protect our community through community oriented policing, with fairness, integrity, pride and respect.

Vision Statement

The Albuquerque Police Department envisions a safe, secure community where the rights, history and culture of each citizen is valued and respected. We will achieve this vision by pro-actively collaborating with the community to identify and solve public safety concerns and improve the quality of life in Albuquerque.