ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Police say a mom drunkenly drove her two kids around Albuquerque earlier this month, causing chaos along the way. When officers finally caught up with the woman and arrested her, she scolded them.

The aftermath of the incident was captured on police lapel video.

It happened on Wednesday, April 5 just before midnight. First, officers got a call of a possibly drunk driver in a black SUV near Montgomery and Carlisle. When an officer caught up to the vehicle, the driver fled onto I-25 southbound and police chased it until the Big I.

Then dispatchers got calls of a driver nearly hitting other vehicles southbound on the Interstate, followed by a call that a black SUV crashed into the median on I-25 at Avenida Cesar Chavez. Finally, someone reported a black SUV hitting parked cars in a neighborhood off of Avenida Cesar Chavez near Bell Avenue SE.

When officers caught up to the black SUV, its tires were blown and it was parked against a car on someone else’s private property along Bell Avenue.

A woman standing outside the car, 23-year-old Shirlena Charley, first told an officer someone else was driving and that they ran. But another officer says Charley told him that she was the driver, and that she had been drinking beforehand.

She’s given a field sobriety test, and then arrested. At one point she tells an officer, “F*** you, bald head,” as she’s being taken away.

Turns out, Charley’s two kids were in the car the whole time — the girls tell officers they are 4 and 5 years old. They said they weren’t hurt despite the mayhem their mom allegedly caused.

When Charley gets to booking, she gets mouthy with the officer who arrested her, telling the officer to not “disrespect her like that.”

As the officer tells Charley her license is suspended and that she shouldn’t have been driving, she says, “I don’t give a s***, I know that.”

Charley was booked on two felony counts of child abuse.

A criminal complaint says that at one point, she tells officers she’s led police on five high speed chases before and that next time, she’s not stopping.