NEW MEXICO (KRQE) –  April is National Alcohol Awareness Month and it’s crucial to bring awareness to New Mexico. According to the New Mexico Department of Health, New Mexico has the highest alcohol-related death rate in the country.

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According to the NMDOH an average of four people died every day of alcohol-related causes in 2019, the most recent year stats are available. That’s more than twice the national average. The stress of the pandemic the last two years have escalated the problem. A Wallethub study released last week showed NM is the third most stressed state in the country. And stress is closely linked with increased alcohol consumption.

Fortunately, many of the health conditions linked to alcohol use are treatable, reversible, and not fatal. Unfortunately, the stigma towards alcohol addiction can prevent people from getting help. During alcohol awareness month it’s important to be aware if drinking has become a problem and how seeking support can improve health.

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