ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – An Albuquerque woman remains in critical condition after being struck by lightning.

Kalina Jinzo, 40, and her boyfriend Vince Acevedo were together on a motorcycle heading to Ruidoso when they were struck by lightning. He escaped unharmed, but his she is fighting for her life.

The mother of three is in a Lubbock hospital in critical condition after her life changed in an instant during a weekend trip to Ruidoso with her boyfriend.

“We both agreed we were going to try to get through the rain, the little rain we saw,” Acevedo said. “About five miles out the rain just rolled in on us.”

And so did the lightning.

“I was going 20 miles-per-hour at best when lightning struck right in front of us 100 yards out…I just like got shocked mildly could feel through whole body and was like wow Kalina did you feel that,” Acevedo said. “I turned around to tell her we aren’t going to make it through then when I saw her slumped over.”

Acevedo thinks the lighting traveled through his tire, then through him and Jinzo got the brunt of it.

“[I] could see her rain gear blown out on the side of her head, her glasses were all crooked and one of lenses was blown out,” Acevedo said. “I was touching face babe stay with me.”

Jinzo’s family says she’s still on breathing machine, but showing signs of improvement. They’re hopeful, but holding on to people’s prayers.

“I would rather of took it all myself and her be on this side not me, but it’s god’s choice, god chose her because she is stronger she is she’s a very strong woman,” Acevedo said.

Acevedo says Jinzo is suffering from seizures. Now doctors are trying to figure out what’s triggering them.Her family is raising money for medical expenses on Go Fund Me page, to help click here»