ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – An Albuquerque woman has called out a dog owner on Facebook because she said the owner left her pet in a hot, locked car while she went grocery shopping.

Adrienne LaFrance and her dog Otis are best buds. She and her husband adopted the 2-year-old Mastiff from a city animal shelter earlier this year. She said his previous owners abandoned him.

“It’s heartbreaking that someone would drop something off that they had for years of their life,” said LaFrance.

That’s why when LaFrance saw a dog locked inside a hot car at the Sprouts near Lomas and San Mateo she took action.

“There was a dog watching the doors. He was panting,” said LaFrance.

LaFrance immediately ran inside and told a Sprouts worker. The worker then called police.

“I would have liked to have broke the windows,” she said.

Instead, LaFrance said she started taking pictures of the dog and the BMW it was trapped in.

LaFrance confronted the dog owner when she came out of the store.

“She asked me why I was taking a photograph of her car and I said well you left your dog in the car, it’s inappropriate behavior,” she said.

LaFrance then posted the photos on Facebook saying, “I just had a very nice conversation with the jerk-off woman who left her dog in her car in 90 degree heat because she had to buy groceries.”

“I was hoping somebody that she knew that would have an effect on her behavior would see it and possibly say something to her,” said LaFrance

More than 200 people have shared the post.

News 13 asked LaFrance why she’s so passionate about it.

“Because I love my dog and I would never subject him to torture and it’s torture,” said LaFrance.

Albuquerque police said it’s received about 30 calls for animals locked in cars since July 1.

Animal Welfare has racked up about 40 calls.

Anyone caught leaving their pets in hot cars could face animal cruelty charges.

Police will break windows to get to those animals.