A nationally recognized Albuquerque therapist is accused of raping a female patient in his office. Another woman has also come forward saying he tried to use his powers of hypnosis for sexual reasons.

Both women reported to police that while this therapist put them under hypnosis he crossed the line. 

KRQE News 13 has learned Dr. Lamarr Edgerson, a well-known Albuquerque psychologist, was indicted on five counts of rape last week.

Police say in April 2017, a woman reported Edgerson sexually assaulted her inside his business called “Family Harmony” on Yale and Gibson. 

The woman was one of his clients, and told police he often put her under hypnosis. During a visit she says she woke up from hypnosis and felt he had performed oral sex on her. She said he told her it was part of her treatment. 

Then in March she told officers he picked her up from a bar to give her a ride home, but instead, says Edgerson took her to his house and raped her. 

The woman told police he then sent numerous emails apologizing, but would also request “detailed sexual fantasies.”

Tuesday, KRQE News 13 tried reaching Dr. Edgerson by phone. No one knew who he was at any of his listed numbers online, and his new office address in the Heights is vacant.

What’s more, Edgerson, who’s testified before a congressional committee, has also been accused of some creepy behavior. 

In May another female client told police Edgerson asked her if she wanted him to use hypnosis to arouse her. She said no, and claims he tried to hypnotize her again at another session to make her forget what had happened.

Edgerson is charged for the rape.

According to a state website, Edgerson’s license is still active.

Edgerson has not been arrested. He is expected in court next week where a judge will decide if he should remain free.