The therapist accused of raping a patient under hypnosis faced a judge Wednesday and the charges against him. 

Dr. Lamarr Edgerson pled not guilty. 

Edgerson used to provide therapy at Family Harmony on Yale and Gibson. 

Last summer, one of his patients reported suspected abuse by the doctor while she was under hypnosis, and she wasn’t the only patient to do so. 

After a year-long investigation, a grand jury indicted him earlier this month. 

His attorney says he now lives in Cleveland where he takes care of his mother and asked that he be allowed to return home while awaiting court proceedings. 

The District Attorney’s office didn’t argue against that, but pointed out that he was the operator of an erotic website and asked he not be allowed to use the internet to solicit business. 

The judge agreed to both arguments. 

His attorney then revealed he is a 20-year-old Air Force veteran. 

She ordered Edgerson to be booked into jail then re