He stopped traffic just to help a woman get back to her feet after she had fallen. 

A woman driving by took out her phone to snap a few photos and began searching to find out who this teen was. 

Nathan Nguyen had no idea he had gotten this much attention. He says he was just doing what he was raised to do. 

Sunday afternoon, something got in Anna Allred’s way near Ventana Ranch and Rainbow, but when she figured out what the hold up was, “It was a beautiful reason to get in the way,” she said. 

“I just saw this kid. He jumped right out of his car and started looking across the street, and I saw this lady on the other side. She was blind. I had saw her walking stick and he had raced over to help her. She was on her hands and knees on the ground,” Allred said. 

Allred grabbed her camera and snapped some photos. She posted them to Facebook, trying to find out if anyone recognized who was wearing the bright yellow shirt and red hat. 

“Automatically, Dion’s,” she said. 

KRQE News 13 found the 11th grader. His name is Nathan Nguyen, and that day he was headed to work at the Dion’s in the North Valley. 

“All of a sudden she fell and I said, ‘Oh my God.’ I just put my car into park, put my hazards on and helped her up,” he said. 

Nguyen had no idea about the post, or that anyone had snapped any photos of him, saying he just responded the way his mother would have wanted him to. 

“A big thing I want to just tell everyone is just…just be kind. That’s how our society can grow and get better,” he said. 

“It’s good to feel like this is what’s New Mexico true…like, we do have good people here. We have kindness, we have love and we have compassion,” Allred said. 

Allred says so many people have reached out wanting to get Nathan a gift of some sort. Allred is now in touch with Nguyen’s mom.