The Albuquerque Tea Party is handing out flyers in the Nob Hill area, bashing City Councilman Pat Davis for being two-faced, especially when it comes to the subject of crime and immigration. 

The Tea Party did more than just hand out flyers. They actually showed up at Councilman Pat Davis’ campaign rally. 

“Is he bilingual? No, he just speaks with two tongues.” That’s what the flyers printed and distributed by the Albuquerque Tea Party say about City Councilman Pat Davis. 

“Basically the flyers show the contradiction of being against crime, but being for illegal immigrant sanctuary cities,” said Leland Taylor, President of the Albuquerque Tea Party. 

Leland Taylor says he’s tired of elected officials allowing immigrants into our city. 

“If you look at the statistics, how many murders illegal immigrants commit, how many murders the cartel has been responsible for, how much drug addiction is caused,” said Taylor. 

He says politicians need to follow federal law. “We can’t simply open our doors to anyone who simply wants to come into our country because their lives are lousy over there,” said Taylor. 

Taylor, along with other members of the Tea Party, showed up at one of Davis’ campaign events on Friday morning to hand out the flyers. 

“Just doing something for the country, just common sense, doing what’s right,” said a member of the Tea Party. 

Davis says the group is exercising their First Amendment right, but he thinks the rhetoric regarding immigration is being “overblown.” 

“We need to bring the rhetoric down a few notches,” said Councilman Pat Davis. 

Davis supporters at the event call the flyers hateful. “It’s mean, and it’s the kind of thing that everyone is trying to get away from,” said Ray Garduño, Albuquerque resident. 

They’re appalled that the Tea Party would list Davis’ home address on the handout. 

“That’s tantamount to saying, if you want to be obnoxious and you want to be dangerous, go to his home,” said Garduño. 

Taylor, meanwhile, says Davis should have nothing to worry about if he’s doing the right thing. 

“If they’re good politicians and take care of their people, they shouldn’t have that problem,” said Taylor. 

Davis says putting his home address on the flyer is a bullying tactic. He says as campaign season is beginning for city council seats, he hopes they can stay away from the mudslinging seen on the national level. 

The Albuquerque Tea Party is also circulating a petition to pursue obstruction of justice charges against the elected officials responsible for making Albuquerque a sanctuary city.