Dads aren’t always the best at styling their daughters’ hair.

So, an Albuquerque salon was there to help on Sunday with a daddy-daughter hair camp, which was about so much more than hair.

“He’s going to learn how to do my hair,” explained 7-year-old Honey. 

She says her dad could use all the help he can get. “All he does is a ponytail,” she said. 

“I think sometimes dads feel intimated,” explained studio owner, Sergio Gallarzo.

Sunday, Honey and her dad attended the daddy-daughter hair camp at Sergio’s Hair Studio on Menaul near Carlisle.

“I’m excited that he gets to learn how to do my hair,” Honey said. 

Dads got a lesson in ponytails, braids and buns. 

“This class is going to help them really enjoy it, help them bond and you know give them a little bit of confidence for next time they need to do their daughter’s hair,” Gallarzo explained. 

He said he hopes by empowering dads with the basic skills of hairstyling, these fathers can, in turn, empower their little girls.

“It really embraces young girls trying to let them be themselves, their individuality,” Gallarzo said. 

Randy Hoddock admits he has struggled with his daughter Billie’s hair. 

“It’s bad,” Hoddock said. “I YouTube how to braid hair, it still doesn’t come out like the videos.”

He wanted to pick up at least one new style Sunday while enjoying the moment with his little girl.

“It’s good to spend some extra time with her,” he said.

Despite the difficulties of learning, the practice is worth the final product.

Sergio’s Hair Studio says it will hold this same event again later this month.