ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – It’s not your typical map of Albuquerque. In fact, some people said the person or people, who created it, crossed the line between funny and offensive.

Anyone can go onto Judgmental Maps and submit an outline of their city as they see fit. The website prides itself on being “The best judgmental ***holes out there.”

Over the weekend, a local radio station found a map someone created for Albuquerque. The station posted the map to its website and it created buzz on social media. The person who created it broke down every section of the city.

It labels the Northeast Heights, the “Northeast Whites.” It labels the PIT, as “ABQ’s only Blacks” and “Snob Hill.” It dubs the area around I-25 and Paseo Del Norte as “drug teens” and “oblivious parents.”

Some people think it sheds a negative light on the city. “We should be focusing on positive things about Albuquerque not negative,” Rosie Maroon said. “I don’t think it’s funny and I don’t think it’s something you joke about.”

Julie Trapnell said she can see some of the humor in it, but said there are too many extremes.

“If it’s being seen on social media a lot those people are going to be kids and teenagers,” she said. “I have middle school kids I hate to have them see things like that and immediately label other people too besides feeling labeled themselves.”

Some said the map isn’t meant to be serious.

“I don’t think Burqueños should take it so seriously. Albuquerque is a pretty chill place and it’s just a bunch of jokes.”