ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – About a dozen Albuquerque police officers have gotten death threats in the mail. They are all getting the same letter and the Albuquerque Police Department believes they know who’s behind it.

The letter was filled with bible verses saying things like: “My soul is full of burning rage and fury against you men…” Along with death threats saying: “I will pile your bodies in mass graves in the city cemetery.”

According to APD’s Union, these threats are a little different than usual.

“Officers are used to this kind of scrutiny, but when it comes to our home and it starts affecting our family life, and makes our wives and our children uneasy, that’s a little too close for comfort,” said Shaun Willoughby, the President of the Albuquerque Police Officers Association.

The letter came from Tucson, Arizona. The name on the return address, Bryan Clayton Charles. Tuscon Police said the man has a history of threatening local law enforcement. APD’s Union is concerned this will only happen more often.

“I think the city of Albuquerque needs to take a second look at their transparency website and be a little more protective of police officers’ names,” said Willoughby.

APD has sent out a department-wide warning to officers to be extra cautious.