ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – At first glance, the damage outside the Famous Footware store at Winrock looks like your basic smash-and-grab, but these thieves took their time picking out certain sizes and brands.

Albuquerque police are trying to nab the thieves who drove their vehicle into the shoe store. However, these thieves weren’t after money — they were after shoes, and lots of them.

The alarm blared across the empty parking lot for minutes as police arrived at the scene just after midnight on Friday.

Officers called in a K-9 to help clear the building. APD didn’t find anyone inside.

However, the entire front door was shattered and part of the door frame was found on the ground. Police said they believe whoever burglarized the place didn’t walk into the store, but drove in. An officer even found a side mirror on the floor.

According to police, when the store manager arrived she told officers the store had been burglarized a few times in recent months. It was all captured on police lapel.

Officers offered to walk her through the store to asses the damage and merchandise taken. The first thing she noticed was a stand full of Nikes, and that about a dozen select pairs were missing.

The thieves left the store in disarray after they picked through the shoes, but the real mess was the front of the store where they left a hole big enough to drive a pickup truck through.

The manager told police the thieves caused more than $5,000 in damage with the vehicle. She’s needed to do an inventory to see how many boxes of shoes they stole.

APD said they don’t have much to go on. They took fingerprints but there’s no surveillance video because there was a power outage that night.