ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (FOX) – Your Pet Magazine goes above and beyond each month by donating to different local rescues in its goal to make New Mexico the top pet-friendly state in the country. Owner of Your Pet Magazine, David Lansa visits the set along with Friends of Lucky Paws board member Jessica Jakubanis, and author and travel specialist Jill Lane to discuss their recent donation and to introduce Betty Bulldog.

The February 2020 issue of Your Pet Magazine is dedicated to Travelin’ Jack, New Mexico’s adventure dog who has appeared on television, radio, and print. Travelin’ Jack traveled across the state promoting animal adoption and advocating for pets in need before he passed away in 2019.

Jack’s owner, Jill Lane recently adopted Betty Bulldog from California and is a puppy mill survivor. Betty Bulldog will be carrying on Travelin’ Jack’s legacy and will help to share the message of saving lives through adoption.

Jessica explains that Lucky Paws is the first of its kind being an animal adoption center located in the Coronado Mall retail space. Between the center’s opening in 2007 and 2017, over 22,000 animals.

Save Lucky Paws was founded when the city of Albuquerque announced the closing of Lucky Paws in 2010. Through donations to SLP to pay rent, support from Animal Welfare Dept. and Coronado Mall, the organization was able to remain open.

Following the signing of a five-year lease in 2015, Save Lucky Pawschanged its name to Friends of Lucky Paws and continues to fund the venue’s necessities including new locks for dog rooms, updated kennels, and new flooring in the cattery.

Friends of Lucky Paws will be receiving a donation from Your Pet Magazine which will aid in the support of their facility as well as their dedication to pet adoption. To donate to Friends of Lucky Paws, click here.

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