ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History is hosting a special exhibit called “Private Charles J. Miller: World War II paintings from the South Pacific.”

Charles J. Miller a soldier in World War II, a self-taught painter used children’s watercolors to paint his paintings based on the things he saw. Alongside some of these paintings, Miller wrote text panels that contain what was happening in the painting. Miller painted in anything he could use such as large sheets of paper to the inside of cigarette cartons. During his time in WWII, he painted over 700 paintings and the museum is displaying 120 of them.

The exhibit is now open and will run through October 30. You can experience this special exhibit with a regular admission ticket. The price for adult tickets is $15, seniors $13 for kids $11 for children under five are free. For more information visit their website.